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Cranckshaft (Aftermarket)

Posted on: September 21, 2012 by salparts

Hello everybody, it's almost Friday! We are talking about a cranckshaft... Part# : 6N2823, Mfg by: V-Track, Weight: 701.40 lb, and it can be used in this models: // //   D8K TRACTOR POWERSHIFT D342 ENGINE  01/06/1986 SEBP1111D8K TRACTOR DIRECT DRIVE 342 ENGINE  01/08/1985 SEBP1112D8K TRACTOR POWER SHIFT D342 ENGINE  01/09/1984 HEBP1123583 PIPELAYER POWER SHIFT  01/07/1981 SEBP1145D342 VEHICULAR ENGINE  01/02/1980 UEG0890SD8K TRACTOR-- IF EQUIPPED WITH ARRANGEMENT 1Z413  01/01/1976 SEBP1073  Any questions or comments? Call me @ 817-379-9922 or email me Thanks!

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Cranckshaft with gear (Aftermarket)

Posted on: September 19, 2012 by salparts

Good morning friends, happy Tuesday! Today I bring you a very importat part...a cranckshaft with gear! Part #4N7693. Description: Cramckshaft with gear. Mfg by: V-Track. Weight: 208 lb. It can be used in the next models: // //   140G Motor grader, 160G Motor grader, 615C Wheel loader, 815B Soil compactor, 3306 Generator, 973 LGP Track-Type loader, D7F Military tractor, D300D Articulated truck, D25D, D30D, D350D Aticulated trucks, D6D Tractor, 966E Wheel loader, G3306 Engine, 235C Excavator, 816B Landfill Compactor, 814B Tractor, 627B Scraper, D250B Articulated dump truck, D300B Articulated dump truck, 966D Wheel loader, 235 Excavator, D5B Tractor, 14G Motor grader, 12G Motor grader, D300B Agricultural cane, 639D Scraper, 572G Pipe layer, 977L Traxcavator, 815 Compactor, 528 Grapple skidder, 561D Pipe layer, 637D Coal scraper, 528 skidder, 1673C Diesel truck and 980B Wheel loader. Questions or comments? Call me @ 817-379-9922 or email me  Thanks!

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