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Looking For Aftermarket Parts For Your Dump Truck- Get To Know About It

Excavator, motor grader, dump truck, dozer- sounds familiar? Do these words form an integral part of your work? Then, no doubt, you are into the construction industry. And being into it, you have to heavily depend on these equipments for your enterprise to run. And if you are working with machines, then it is obvious that heavy construction equipment may breakdown and need replacement from time to time.

Things to remember before looking for aftermarket parts

Now, if you have heavy equipment that has started malfunctioning, what will you do? Going for an entire new replacement is not really a viable option. So, you need to look for alternatives that will give you more positive outcome and save precious time. So, what is the other alternative available? Locate and identify the malfunctioning component and get it replaced.

After identifying the faulty component, you need to locate a dealer whose reliability quotient is high in the scale. It would also do good to know about the manufacturing year, model number, serial number, and the like to get an ideal substitute for the malfunctioning part.

Aftermarket Parts Of a Dump Truck- What Is Available

The dump truck forms an integral part of the construction industry and thus the demand for its aftermarket equipment is quite high. Replacements are available for its engine, exhaust system, cooling system, clutch and pedal, propeller shaft, axles, brake system, suspension, steering, hubs and wheels, electrical system and the like.

ü  The truck parts of the engine include Rocker arms, Cylinder blocks, Crankshafts, Flywheel housings, Liners, Turbochargers, Engine suspension, Flywheels, and the like.

ü  The aftermarket parts of the propeller shaft of a dump truck include Journal crosses, Flanges, Drive shafts, Centre bearings and Support bearing stubs.

ü  Clutch servos, Clutch cylinders, Release bearings, Release forks, Hand throttle controls, Clutch pedals, Pressure plates, Clutch discs are some of the aftermarket parts available in the clutch and pedal category.

ü  The brake system category includes Brake cylinders, Brake valves, Compressors, Brake pipes, Brake camshafts, Brake pedals, Air dryers, Oil coolers, etc as the aftermarket parts.

ü  K- Bolts, Shock Absorbers, Stabilizers, Reaction Rods, Valves, Hydraulic Pumps, Solenoid Switches, Level Sensors, etc are the aftermarket products that are available in the suspension category of the Dump Truck.

ü  Servo Pumps, Oil Reservoirs, Oil Filters, Ignition Locks, Steering Columns, Steering Hoses, and the like are some of the components that are available for aftermarket product in the steering category of the Dump Truck.

ü  The Axle of the Dump Truck can be categorised into two groups- the front and the rear axle. Track Rods, Ball Joints and King Pin Kits in case of the front axle and Planetary Gears, Crown Wheels, Differential Housing Valves, and the like for the rear axle are available in the aftermarket products in this category.

There are a number of alternatives available in the market that deal with high quality aftermarket products. In addition, the products come with a warranty period that seeks to enhance the productivity of the component as well as the heavy equipment. Before looking for such aftermarket products, it would do good to look at second options so as not to miss out the best offers on the block.

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