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Check out the tips before buying the spare parts of crawler crane


The crawler crane has the most versatile usages for construction site as well as other sites. Actually it can be used in any kind of job site. If a crane is attached with its different essential spare parts like a set of tracks or other tings then the crawler crane can easily provide you high quality work capacity, proper stability within the right time. Sometimes, if a small part of the machine breaks down in some way then it becomes difficult to work with that equipment. Even if you maintain it regularly then also such problems can be happened. In order to stop such situations you can have the crawler crane aftermarket parts because it will help your machine to get restore quickly and get ready to perform any kind of works. But before buying such equipment it is important to know that what kind of qualities the spare parts should have. Hence read the article carefully.

Different types of crane parts come from India

It is true that the big cranes help to transport different types of items from one workplace to another. These cranes have good flexible quality to perform their works but they are not able to travel several sites for transporting essential items. That’s why they need the help of spare parts and mainly such spare parts are made in India. Therefore if you do not have the import license of your own country you will not be able to buy these spare parts direct from a manufacturer. A number of companies do not have that license and they have to buy all the essential spare parts from a distributor. Thereby, if you are interested in buying such spare parts you should have the import licence of your country.


Look for a reliable middle man:

You should watch out the middle man carefully. It is true that every distributor is not good. The standard price for the maximum spare parts ‘price mark up’ is almost 40%. Therefore if you can buy these parts directly from the manufacturer then you will just need to pay $200 but if you do not have that license and have to purchase all the spare parts through a middleman then you have to pay $280 for all the parts. If a distributor takes fewer amounts from you then you should definitely check the quality of all the parts. You have to find it out whether that spare parts can serve your requirements or not.  Sometimes, the distributors take extra money for this parts hence it will be good for you if you can manage an import license.

A crawler crane is really very useful for various types of works and it is also able to save your money by accomplishing the works within a very short time. But if it refuses to function then you cannot perform a single work with it. Therefore you should buy some perfect spare parts which in turn will help the equipment to work properly. It will help you to meet the deadlines. Hence use all these tips and buy the perfect spare parts to run your business smoothly.

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