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Check out the different spare parts of excavator

Excavator is one of the most useful heavy equipment especially for the construction sites. It is mainly used as heavy construction equipment. Excavator made of a stick, boom, cab and bucket. All these parts of the machine are very useful and its cab placed exactly at the top along with tracks or wheels. In order to perform the crucial works of the construction area it uses its various spare parts. Hydraulic excavator is a type that uses hydraulic fluid, hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder to help the machine to perform its movements and other functions. There is a difference in mode of operation between cable-operated excavators and hydraulic excavator because, hydraulic excavator has linear propulsion.

Spare parts of Excavator:

Excavator has many spare parts like control cables, exhaust mufflers, buckets and teeth, cab glass, oil coolers, top rollers, bottom rollers, final drives, sprockets, idlers, pins & bushes, Slew Motor Gearboxes, Demolition Tools etc.

·        Control cables: Control cables come in various types including brake cables, push pull cables, throttle cables, engine stop cables and engine choke cables. For agricultural and construction industry you can use these as such spare parts are really helpful.

·        Exhaust mufflers: To reduce noise, exhaust mufflers are applied in Excavator.

·        Buckets and teeth: Buckets and teeth is the most significant part of an Excavator. Sometime a perfect bucket can do the maximum task of the excavator. Teeth and Buckets have different types of usages. For agriculture or constructions Buckets and teeth is an essential part.

·        Cab glass: this particular place is for the cab driver. From here he controls theentire function of this heavy equipment.

·        Oil coolers: It is a part of the engine and it produces oil during the time of works. It has many applications like honing, lubrication, hydraulics, Spindle head cooling, Injection molding machines, Broaching machines, Die casting machines, Pipe bending machines, Deep hole drilling machines, drilling machines etc.

·        Final drives: Excavator’s final drives can be of 500kg small machines to 30 ton.

·        Bottom rollers: The other popular name of this part is track rollers. It has the ability to carry huge loads and along with that it has excellent oil capacity, its resistance power is really great and for bushing it uses big bearing area

·        Sprockets: Sprockets is an important spare part of excavator. Sprockets are the smoothest parts that help the machine to accomplish its works.

·        Idlers: Another important part is idlers. Its most important features are strong surface, good resistance power and durability.

·        Pins & bushes: You will get link pins, bucket pins, king post pins, boom/dipper pins and associated bushes for mini excavator.

·        Slew Motor Gearboxes: You can have slew ring bearings that come in two different types such as ball and roller types. These are used for rotary motion without transmission of high load, rough application and slow rotation speed.


These are the name of some important parts of excavator that are really very useful for its different types of works. Without such spare parts an excavator cannot able to work.

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